Red Blood Cells

Heme or Non-Heme Iron Dietary Supplement should no longer be the optimum choice for oral supplementation.

Recently made discoveries concerning dietary iron in supplement form can now state that there is a clarification of how iron is absorbed within the human body. Red Blood Cells (RBC’s) as depicted graphically do not care if iron comes from Heme or Non-Heme sources. But healthy adults may only absorb about 10% of iron from food.

“Heme iron” one form, comes from meats & has an estimated iron ion extracted rate of only 15 - 35%. “Non Heme iron” comes from plant foods & has an ion extraction rate of only 2 - 20% from foods such as rice & beans etc.

Great News For Everyone Including Vegetarians / Vegans

Natural Red Iron is different from any other iron product.

Natural Red Iron which is neither Heme or Non-Heme iron but a naturally sourced iron solution consisting of iron ions (Fe++ions) which is what the body ultimately wants in an iron (Fe++ions) supplement.

Our discovery of this magnificent product is such that we can claim it is not a Heme or Non-Heme iron but extracted ions of iron (Fe++ions). Why is this different? A method has been developed in which we are now able to extract iron ions (Fe++ions) from clay (ancient clay beds).


With the use of purified water and a proprietary extraction method. Natural Red Iron is available in a dropper form to give a complete iron supplement consisting of bio-available iron in every drop.

Ingredients: 22mg/ml Iron (Ferrous Sulfate) Purified water

Usage: Take  2 x 1/2 dropper of Natural Red Iron in 180ml of pure water or juice (not apple) per day. 5 times per week.