Natural Red Iron Triple pack 3 x 60ml
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Product Code: NRI-180-X3

Ultra Potency Natural Red Iron

A very efficient non constapating liquid for use in “Iron Deficiency Anemia Treatment”.

Restore IRON levels to normal in 1 week,

high potency, fast acting, no constipation complications with Natural Red Iron.

Natural Red Iron is a unique and special iron supplement that has been subtracted from natural plant deposits. There are no known side effects as are experienced with many other forms of iron supplements, the most uncomfortable one being constipation.  You can look forward to taking Natural Red Iron with the assurance of energy being gained by your body.  

Ingredients: 22mg/ml Iron (Ferrous Sulfate) Purified water

Usage: Take x 2 1/2 dropper of Natural Red Iron in 180ml of pure water or juice (not apple) per day. 5 times per week.

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