Vegetarians / Vegans

Natural Red Iron is different from any other iron product.

Natural Red Iron which is neither Heme or Non-Heme iron but a naturally sourced iron solution consisting of iron ions (Fe++ions) which is what the body ultimately wants in an iron (Fe++ions) supplement.

Our discovery of this magnificent product is such that we can claim it is not a Heme or Non-Heme iron but extracted ions of iron (Fe++ions). Why is this different? A method has been developed in which we are now able to extract iron ions (Fe++ions) from clay (ancient clay beds).

Deficiency High Risk Groups!

The primary suspects in need of Natural Red Iron are the following:

  • Women with heavy periods and difficult menstruation are a top priority.

  • That crappy feeling during your monthly period.

  • Strict vegetarians and Vegans are at the top of list also.

  • Studies show most menstruating women at risk for sub clinical levels of iron.

  • Pregnant women especially.

  • Lactating women.

  • Anemia, and that run down feeling see fast results with Natural Red Iron.

  • Elderly People, men and women both need to supplement.

  • Athletes especially long distance runners.

  • Hospital patients and outpatients exposed to excessive bleeding from wounds or surgery.

  • One very over looked situation is iron depletion caused by chemotherapy.              

  • Men over 50.                                                                                                              

  • Women in menopause

  • Many other situations exist such as sickle cell anemia.